Behind the Counter

Jenny Fenton

Founder Jenny Fenton is a qualified make up artist and sweety (really).

Orania Natural Skincare was founded in 2010 by Wellingtonian Helen Bradshaw after she was unable to find affordable skincare products that contained pure, fresh and natural ingredients.

Her vision developed into a range of products that are hand-blended using high quality natural ingredients in the belief that skincare should be fresh and nourishing in order to support, enhance and maximise the health of skin.

Our uniquely formulated products combine precious plant and seed oils with active botanicals to create pure, simple, yet effective skincare. Step away from artificial ingredients by using REAL natural skincare solutions.


Made in small batches and hand-blended at our New Zealand premises, we DON'T use filler ingredients, making our formulas high potency. You will notice the difference.

Orania story

Museum Paintings Series
Prints from originals by Escha Van Den Bogerd

Escha Van Den Bogerd's art has been sold and exhibited in a dozen countries including USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong and Dubai for more than twenty years.

Sarah Albisser

Sarah Albisser was born in Switzerland. She completed her studies as a contemporary dancer in 1996 at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York. Her career as an independent dancer and choreographer includes founding the dance theatre company Waterproof in 2001. The company has had successful performances in Switzerland and International with awards in 2002 and 2003 for her work as a dancer and choreographer. She received a certificate in art from Farbmuehle in lucerne, Switzerland in 2006 and also completed a one year painting cours at the Art Station in Auckland, New Zealand. She has had exhibitions of her work in Switzerland, New Zealand and Los Angeles.

I have been experimenting with black and white portraits over the past ten years. Fascination with faces, expressions, body and gesture has been a life long experience for me. In my work I capture feelings, moods and mental states.My work is inspired by strong female characters, who are original, have a powerful presence.

South African born Kathy Juriss is a Wellington homeware artisan specialising in print, fabrics and ceramics. 

William & Emerson is a boutique manufacturer of candles and wares owned and operated from Petone, Wellington, New Zealand . The company name comes from the street corner we live on and where we hand make our candles. The little blue shed in our logo is based on the iconic storage shed on Petone wharf which along with many of the buildings in Petone is 100 years and older. It's that nostalgia mixed with new vibrancy that has inspired our products and what we hope to share with each of our customers.